Welcome to the Faith Christian Academy Athletic Program. It is our desire that we intentionally pursue athletics to further grow and mature our students, and in this glorify God.  Athletics are an integral part of our educational process here at Faith Christian Academy.  It is our belief that participation in athletics provides the opportunity for developing lifetime skills that will help students in becoming well-rounded individuals. We hope that all students will participate in some level of our athletic program. FCA encourages parents, guardians, friends and family to invest in FCA athletics in a positive way to help enhance the memories and experiences of each student athlete.    

Faith Christian Academy competes in and adheres to the rules of the Mid Hudson Christian Athletic League (M.H.C.A.L.) and the Hudson Valley Athletic League (H.V.A.L.)














The mission of the FCA Music program is to glorify God through excellence in musicianship, worship, and ministry. We praise Him for this opportunity to nurture mind and heart through the gift of music.

Our students participate in comprehensive hands on music learning from pre K thru high school.  Grades 1 - 6 learn the basics of singing techniques, rhythm, notes, solfege sight reading, and writing using a recorder, and other instruments such as glockenspiel, drum, and or guitar.  Students are able to excel at recorder and earn belts to represent the completion of each level per assigned ruberics.  Through music, students develop neural networks that improve their IQ and abilities, as well as perseverance, and fortitude and grace.  Music learning is known to boost the IQ by building neural net connections between right and left sides of the brain.  These bridges continue to be used in areas broader than music throughout one's life time.

We have several choruses: Pre K and K, Grades 1 - 4, Grades 5 - 6, Grade 7-8, and High School Chorus.  Students develop their understanding of harmony, and transposing, and are able to represent the Word of the Lord in many ways through their singing and concerts.

Instrumental and vocal lessons are available to supplement the regular music program. Trained students can participate in ensembles which perform in various events throughout the year.   We offer music lessons in: voice, woodwinds and brass, keyboard, strings, and percussion.

We encourage our students to be  part of ensembles in the school community, and in the local community.   Students regularly achieve outstanding and Excellent scores in NYSSMA and each year students are selected to be part of the local All County and All State festivals for their achievements.

Our band recently performed Watermusic by Handel, and several marches by Sousa.  We are working on show tunes by John Williams.   Our high school percussionists perform various styles of percussion ensemble music and also student-composed and arranged music.  Students learn cooperation, teamwork, and ensemble skills they will continue to use for their lifetimes.  

Students in choruses and bands perform throughout the year for special occasions including Christmas and Graduations.

Another vehicle for music talents is our HS Worship team, which includes many of the students who want to lead worship with their gifts.  Students learn to work together to praise God through media, instruments and vocal expression to enhance the worship experience, drawing the body of Christ to His Throne.


Peter Pan



Visual Arts


The visual arts program at Faith Christian Academy is designed to bring the best out in each student taking art classes.  Time is given to each child to nurture the talent that God has blessed him or her with.  Art should be enjoyable to view and to do.  At FCA every attempt is made to make art a fun process that will connect with your child.  The art program is designed to strengthen each child’s overall development and build his self-esteem.

Children are taught the basics of art in a way that is easily understandable.  The students easily recognize progress; making each one feel good about their work.  Creativity is a gift from God, and children are encouraged to explore the world of art and to develop their art form or style.

Much time is spent as children learn to draw using geometric shapes as the foundational blocks of skillful drawing.  Children are taught how to use pastels, charcoal, paint, colored pencils and a variety of other tools and media to create pleasing artwork.  Being a freelance illustrator and editorial cartoonist, I especially enjoy teaching the children how to do cartooning and create remarkable illustrations. 

Students are offered after school art classes/clubs to sharpen their artist skills.  Students will enter at least two art contests during the course of the school year.  In the past FCA artists have very well in statewide contests, placing first place several years. God has blessed us with outstanding artists. 

Performing Arts


Theater is offered to FCA students who want to learn theatrical skills and performance with emphasis on pantomime, stage movement, oral interpretation, acting and theater heritage.

Faith Christian Academy drama productions unite the entire school, grades K-12th.  All students are encouraged to participate and bring his or her individuals talents and abilities to the various productions. The magnitude of sound teamwork is a guiding principle in FCA theatre.  FCA theatre strives to build confidence in each individual area of talent; while demonstrating how these talents can be combined to create something extraordinary.

Typically the FCA Drama Club performs two main productions each year.  Additionally the drama club performs smaller productions throughout the year in chapel as well as special mission outreach dramas.