F C A   M i s s i o n

The mission of Faith Christian Academy is to serve families by providing a Christ-centered, college preparatory education that equips students to become leaders by instilling a biblical worldview in the heart and mind of each student.


F C A   H i s t o r y 

In 1976, with a loan of $500.00 from the church budget, Bettie Damiani, the wife of the new pastor of Faith Assembly of God, opened Melodyland Nursery School in a basement room of the church. From its humble beginnings on Hooker Avenue in the City of Poughkeepsie, Faith Christian Academy (as it is known today), has grown from serving 10 three and four year olds to its current enrollment of 237 students. Over the years, the school has seen many changes in facilities, staffing and administration, and enrollment; however, FCA has been steadfast in its mission to provide an academically rigorous, Christ –centered education to the children of the Hudson Valley.

Mrs. Damiani’s desire to nurture little ones with the love of God blossomed into the ministry that we have today. As community interest and enrollment at FCA grew, it became evident that a larger facility would be needed. With 50 students, Faith Christian Academy relocated to 254 Spackenkill Road in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1987, the building on Spackenkill Road was dedicated. It was at this facility that FCA saw its greatest growth. Under the leadership of Mrs. Bette Damiani and later, Mrs. Wendy Wright, Faith Christian Academy expanded its academic, sports, and extra-curricular offerings. As class sizes increased and staff members were added, FCA grew to include a full-time Pre-K program in addition to grades K-8. By the year 2000, there were approximately 150 students at FCA. In addition to the classroom teachers, staff that taught all of the “special” classes – gym, library, computer, art and music, were added to enhance and enrich student experience. Pre-K through 4th grade classes were self-contained while 5th through 8th grade rotated to specialized teachers that taught core subjects. Sports teams now included basketball, soccer and cheerleading, while other school activities expanded with drama, praise dance, art classes and music lessons. By this time, FCA had become a member of ACSI and was recognized by New York State. As the school grew in numbers and in reputation, it became evident to parents, faculty, board members and administration that God had great plans for Faith Christian Academy. Recognizing the need for a quality Christian high school, the leadership at Faith Christian Academy prayerfully sought the Lord’s direction. In a time where there are no more moral absolutes and truth is disseminated through the lens of political correctness, the need for an academically challenging, Christian school that teaches truth through a Biblical worldview was evident. After much prayer and planning, a 9th grade class with 14 students was added in the Fall of 2008. Adding a grade each year, FCA saw its first graduating Senior class in 2012. Almost every student from this class went on to pursue a college degree, and three were accepted to Ivy League institutions. Our second graduating class of 2013 also saw an impressive college acceptance rate. Like her predecessor, The Valedictorian of this class was accepted into an Ivy League school as well. The current 12th grade class is equally dynamic and talented - with every student on target to attend a four year institution.

As the high school grew, specialized, High School certified teachers were added to the staff. In addition to new teachers, Mr. Alexander Averin was hired as FCA’s Headmaster in 2011. While Mr. Averin is the sole administrator at Faith Christian Academy, he works closely with the School Board, the Campus Pastor, the Guidance counselor and Department Heads to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education. In the future, FCA is looking to hire a Dean of Academics. Currently, each discipline is chaired by a Department Head who is responsible for overseeing the curriculum and the general implementation of policies and procedures for his/her specific subject area. Department Heads work closely with the Headmaster and meet regularly with other teachers to discuss how best to serve FCA students. The focus this year has been on the successful implementation of National Common Core standards.

Our college-prep curriculum challenges our students both academically and spiritually. We currently offer both regular and Honors level Regents courses that allow our students to graduate with a NY State Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma. In addition to this, FCA students have the opportunity to earn up to 12 college credits before they graduate. As far as electives, it is our goal to offer as many elective courses as possible with staff and space considerations. To date, Anthropology, Forensics, Poetry, College Writing, Public Speaking, Studio Art, Computer, Chorus, Band, Culinary Arts, and Photography have been offered. Similarly, in Athletics we are committed to encouraging our students to participate in a variety of sports and extra-curricular activities. We currently offer programs in soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross country, softball and baseball.

This year, Faith Christian Academy has been blessed with the unique opportunity to enroll international students. We currently have 5 students from China and one student from Japan. In addition to a wonderful work ethic, these students bring a global perspective to FCA. Their participation in class and extra-curricular activities shows that they are active and engaged learners who truly appreciate the opportunity to study at a Christian school. It must be noted that many of these students are not Christians. We, at FCA, have the opportunity to win these souls for Christ and show His love in all that we do. What an honor and blessing to minister to these young people! FCA is looking forward to welcoming more international students in the future. We believe that this is an area that God wants to grow.

Faith Christian Academy attained full accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools International and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in 2012.  It is an honor to be acknowledged by these two prestigious organizations as a school that sets and achieves high spiritual and academic standards.  As an accredited school, we continuously examine how our goals, vision, procedures, and policies support our mission statement and our ultimate goal of glorifying Christ in all that we do.