C o m m o n   C o r e   P o l i c y


The national debate about Common Core standards has sparked passionate conversation among parents, students, and educators. To date, 45 states and the District of Columbia have adopted these standards. While we all recognize that high standards are vital to our children’s success in a competitive global marketplace, we also understand that implementation and assessment methods vary and are best left to the discretion of those in the trenches – i.e. teachers and administrators who deal with real students in real life situations on a daily basis.   As a Christian school, Faith Christian Academy has a goal of exceeding the academic standards set for public schools, without compromising our Biblical values and Christian worldview. 

Jesus is our Common Core.  He is the reason why our school exists, and He is the reason why parents send their children to Faith Christian Academy.  At the end of the day, we do not answer to the state or federally mandated programs.  Our vision is to provide our students with a Christ-centered, college preparatory education that is rooted in Biblical values.  

We continuously evaluate the quality of our academics, and we assessed pros and cons of Common Core standards and State developed curriculum.  As we used some modules developed by New York State in our math classes, we have discovered that their content is loaded with material that is potentially explosive and detrimental for our students.  As a result, we do not and will not use any state developed Common Core curriculum in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Sciences or any other subject offered in our school. 

It is imperative that all our students receive value in education that makes them competitive in the global market place and ready for college.  To this end we welcome increased academic rigor and higher academic standards.  As we pursue such standards, we recognize uniqueness of each child and his/her individual strengths, weaknesses and abilities.  We remain committed to our personal approach to each child’s academic needs without standardizing instruction.  Additionally, we believe that we can offer our students excellence in education without giving in to the political and social agenda that is hidden within many of the questions used in the state issued modules.  Faith Christian Academy offers parents a Biblical and Christ-centered alternative to what is now mandatory in public education.  Our belief that “Jesus is our Common Core” transcends any political and social agenda and is the reason why we do what we do.

While we are not getting on the train of adopting modules and curriculum developed by New York State we remain on the tracks of providing competitive education and value that exceeds the standards.  However, we cannot do this alone.  Your support as parents and as a community is integral to our success in this endeavor.